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Digital badges for humanitarian organisations FAQs

A digital badge is an indicator of achievement, like a certificate, that can be displayed, accessed, and verified online. HPass uses digital badges to enable humanitarians to build up evidence of their experience and expertise.

Digital badges can be used to demonstrate competencies, skills and experience. You can issue badges to your staff, volunteers and learners in recognition of the skills, achievements and experience. Badges can be used to recognise course completions, assessed competencies, practical experience or a combination, as per the needs of your organisation. Click here to se an example of how World Vision are using digital badges on HPass.

Digital badges are comprised of an image, and the badge metadata (visible by clicking on the badge), which enables you to see details about the requirements for earning the badge.

Your staff, volunteers and learners can build up a portfolio of humanitarian badges on myHPass, They can earn badges from a variety of different issuers and display them all as part of one myHPass profile. They can store and display badges via a myHPass profile. They can share them via social media, or include a link to their myHPass profile on a resumé.

Anyone can earn a digital badge and display it on myHPass. The site is dedicated to badges related to humanitarian action, so is most suitable for staff and volunteers involved in humanitarian action or those seeking to be involved in future.

HPass badges are created inside a ‘badge factory’, using a simple step-by-step process. The key steps are to create the badge image, to set the requirements for earning a badge, and reflect these in the badge metadata.

Badges can then be issued to staff, volunteers or learners in recognition of their achievements. This can either by done automatically (eg as a result of them completing an online course), or manually by uploading a list of badge earners.

Digital badges can recognize learning, skills and experience. They can inspire individual humanitarians along career pathways and help humanitarian organisations make their staff and volunteers more effective. Digital badges can visually identify the learning and development goals of organisations – they can also help track progress in reaching those goals. Many humanitarian organisations have identified benefits that might be provided to the sector through the use of digital badges. Key among these benefits are:

  • The ability to recognise learning and skills regardless how they were acquired, so that authentic humanitarian experience can be recognised as well as formal learning

  • Transparency and verifiability as to source, rigour and quality

  • The ability to align with the Core Humanitarian Competency Framework and other useful frameworks

  • Alignment with an open technology standard to ensure their portability for users as they move between organisations

HPass is working toward a vision where:

  • Humanitarians will be able to search badge catalogues to seek and be recognised for new skills
  • Employers will be able to search for skilled workers through a badge-enabled “skills registry”

Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Badges motivate staff, volunteers and learners to pursue professional development by enabling them to gain evidence of their achievements
  • Badges can be used to recognise course/module completions, experience or assessed competencies, dependent on needs
  • Badges enable you to easily identify staff with relevant skills, for example for selection for deployment or to work on specific projects
  • You can offer badges publicly in a searchable catalogue or for a limited audience of your own staff and volunteers

Badges are simple to create and issue and can be easily stored and shared online by earners

Yes, the HPass badging platform can already be integrated with several kinds of e-learning platforms and Learning Management Systems through ‘plugins’, including:

  • Moodle
  • Totara – the platform behind services such as Kaya, UNICEF’s Agora and MSF’s eCampus
  • Blackboard
  • D2L Brightspace
  • Canvas

HPass is also open to exploring integration with other Learning Management Systems.

You don’t need a Learning Management System to issue badges – this can also be done manually as long as you have the email addresses of the badge earners.

To find out more about digital badging and explore how your organisation could use it in practice, please contact