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Careers in the humanitarian sector

Find out how competency frameworks can help you identify the knowledge and skills required for humanitarian roles, and which badges to earn to demonstrate your expertise.

Careers in the humanitarian sector can be difficult to navigate. There are a wide range of different roles and technical specialisms, each requiring particular competencies and behaviours.

Competency frameworks aim to map the specific skills required for a particular role or specialism. They can be a good source of information on how to prepare yourself for a particular career or progress in it.

You may also want to check out the State of the Humanitarian Profession Report 2020, on the Bioforce Institute website, which gives a good overview of the various careers in the sector here

Download our infographic showing some typical areas of humanitarian specialism, with links to relevant competency frameworks on other organisation’s websites.

Download our infographic showing how lifelong learning will advance your career in the humanitarian sector

Download our infographic showing how humanitarian competency frameworks can support your career development.

The Core Humanitarian Competency Framework

The Core Humanitarian Competency Framework (CHCF) provides an overview of the fundamental competencies required for any role in the humanitarian sector, regardless of specialism. The framework, and a guide to using the framework, are available to download below. You can also visit the CHS Alliance website to download a full set of the CHCF materials, offered in multiple languages. You can also visit our resources page to access all the HPass resources.

Download A Guide to the Core Humanitarian Competency Framework

Download a Printable CHCF Framework

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