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HPass Digital Badging for Organisations

HPass enables organisations to create and issue digital badges in recognition of staff, volunteers’ and learners’ humanitarian skills and experience.

Each digital badge is an indicator of achievement, like a certificate, that can be displayed, accessed, and verified online. Humanitarians can then showcase badges from a range of employers and providers, on an online profile called myHPass.

Digital badging:

  • Can be used flexibility by organisations to recognise course/module completions, experience or assessed competencies, or a combination of these, as needed by the issuing organisation.
  • Motivates staff, volunteers and learners to pursue professional development by enabling them to gain evidence of their achievements
  • Enables staff, volunteers and learners to develop a portfolio of evidence of their skills and experience
  • Is quick and easy to do. HPass offers access to a ‘badge factory’ from which organisations can create and issue digital badges
  • Enables swift identification of staff and volunteers with the relevant skills for deployments and specific projects
  • Enables staff, volunteers and learners to join a growing community with thousands of humanitarians
  • Enables organisations to join a growing community of humanitarian organisations.

How does it work?

  • Badges are created in a badge factory, which takes issuing organisations through a simple step-by-step process to determine the requirements for earning the badge
  • Badges are issued either automatically to earners (for example as a result of completing an online course), or manually (for example as a result of completing a number of years service)
  • The earner receives an email asking them to claim their badge and prompting them to set up a myHPass profile where the badge can be displayed publicly
  • The earner can earn and display multiple badges on their myHPass profile from different badge issuers
  • A digital badge can also be displayed as a link on a CV shared via social media, or on an e-signature
  • Clicking on the badge displays the metadata, explaining exactly what the recipient has done to earn the badge

Digital badge design can be used to signify the characteristics of the badge, for example whether the earner has completed an assessment, the duration of the course they have taken, the topic covered and whether it has been endorsed by an external body – you can see some examples by hovering over the badges below.

If you are a humanitarian organisation or learning provider and would like to learn more about digital badging, please contact

The FIELD Programme
CaLP Cash & Voucher Assistance Fundamentals
These badges are internal to World Vision
An Other Solutions Badge
These badges are internal to War Child
Safeguarding Essentials

Download our infographic on what to do with your digital badge