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HPass for Individuals

Evidence your humanitarian skills and experience with HPass digital badges.

It helps to record and showcase our achievements and competencies within the humanitarian system.

Humanitarians accumulate a wide range of skills and experience throughout their careers. In an increasingly unpredictable world, the ability to learn and adapt has never been more important.
By setting up a free myHPass profile, you can maintain one digital, verifiable record of your skills and experience through your humanitarian career, and as you move between organisations and locations.

Through HPass, humanitarians can store, display and share their achievements online, in the form of digital badges. Badges can be displayed publicly (or kept private if you so choose), and shared on a CV, via a link, on social media, or in an e-signature. As recruitment processes become more automated, being able to demonstrate your skills in digital form is essential in order to remain visible to recruiters and in candidate searches.

HPass digital badges are issued by various providers and provide professionally verified recognition of skills and experience in a range of areas, from technical skills to project management.

To join the thousands of humanitarians using HPass digital badging, humanitarians can set up a myHPass profile here. Or you may want to start by taking a course and earning a digital badge, after which you will be prompted to set up a profile.

Here are some badges you could start with:

field badge
Safeguarding Essentials – a one hour course
The FIELD Programme: a modular course for field managers

Or visit and type ‘digital badge’ into the course catalogue to see what comes up!

Badges motivate learners to progress, they are internationally recognized and can be attached to your CV.

The organization, team and staff are currently using digital badging as part of their trainings. We have found it very useful, especially for international recognition.

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is an indicator of achievement, like a certificate, that can be displayed, accessed, and verified online. It enables humanitarians to evidence their experience and expertise.
  • A digital badge can be displayed in the following ways:
    • as part of a badge portfolio on myHPass
    • as a link on a CV
    • Via social media,
  • When someone clicks on the badge it displays the metadata, explaining exactly what the recipient has done to earn the badge
  • Learners can earn badges from a range of different providers and display them as part of their myHPass portfolio
  • HPass badges are earned in a variety of ways. Often they are earned by completing online courses offered by your employer or humanitarian learning provider. Some organisations also offer them in recognition of workplace achievements, practical experience or participation in an advisory group.

See below for some examples to get you started

How does it work?

  1. Set up a myHPass profile here
  2. Complete a course or take an assessment which offers a digital badge (click on the badges below to see examples)
  3. Receive an email prompting you to claim your badge
  4. Claim your badge and display it as part of your myHPass profile (you will be prompted to set this up)
  5. Share your badge via social media or as a link on your CV
  6. Earn further badges to develop your portfolio on myHPass

HPass champions your learning

At HPass we want to highlight your achievements. Each month we publicise the profile of an active HPass user on social media, and we reward HPass Learners of the Year who have shown outstanding commitment to learning and development. We will always seek your permission before publicising your profile.

Safeguarding Essentials
PHAP Credentialing Program
FIELD Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
Humanitarian Project Cycle Management

The HPass account integrates my learning achievements to my LinkedIn profile with no-hassle, and my favourite courses are the Humanitarian Pathway and FIELD Programme Pathway.

myHPass is a convenient place to collate all my certificates at one place and with added convenience of sharing my profile as well!

Download our infographic on digital badges and how they can be used to recognise humanitarian learning, skills and experience. 


Download our infographic on what to do with your digital badge


If you work or volunteer in the humanitarian sector and would like to learn more about digital badging, please contact