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Digital badging, learn how it works

Take a look at our new infographic to learn more about how digital badging can be used to recognise humanitarians’ skills, expertise and experience’

Digital badging can be seen an indicator of achievement, like a certificate, that can be displayed, accessed, and verified online. HPass uses digital badges to enable humanitarians to evidence their experience and expertise.

  • A digital badge can be displayed as part of a badge portfolio on myHPass, as a link on a CV shared via social media, or on an e-signature
  • Clicking on the badge displays the metadata, explaining exactly what the recipient has done to earn the badge
  • Learners can earn badges from a range of different providers and display them as part of your myHPass portfolio
  • HPass badges are earned in a variety of ways – for example by completing online courses offered by your employer or humanitarian training sites. See below for some examples to get you started.

How does it work?

  1. Complete a course or take an assessment which offers a digital badge (click on the badges above to see examples)
  2. Receive an email prompting you to claim your badge
  3. Claim your badge and display it as part of your myHPass profile (you will be prompted to set this up)
  4. Share your badge via social media or as a link on your CV
  5. Earn further badges to develop your portfolio on myHPas

Several humanitarian organisations are starting to issue badges to HPass, you can also start by earning badges through the following channels:

  • Kaya (a platform dedicated to humanitarian learning): Search digital badges to find out which courses enable you to earn a badge issued to HPass
  • Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance & Protection (PHAP): This organisation offers a range of credentials, which enable you to earn a badge issued to HPass.
  • You could also start by setting up a myHPass profile

Download our infographic on digital badges and how they can recognise humanitarian learning, skills and experience.