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myHPass is now available as an app!

What can I do on the app?

The app enables you to provide verifiable evidence of your achievements in seconds, wherever you are, and whoever you meet. It enables you to access and display your badges, and to explore other HPass badges you can earn. If you are looking for someone with a particular skill, you can also pull up a list of myHPass users who have earned any particular badge.

How can I access the app?

It is available via Google Play or the App Store. You must choose and install the Open Badge Passport app, then once you have opened the app, select myHPass from the list. From then on you will automatically be able to access your myHPass account. 

See the video for detailed instructions.

Is it free?


What happens if I already had the Open Badge Passport app on my phone, before the HPass app was launched?

Uninstall the Open Badge Passport app, then install it again and select myHPass. Login with your myHPass details or create a new account. 

What do I need to know if I am an organisation issuing badges through HPass?

People receiving badges from you will automatically be able to access the app. You may want to make your learners aware of the app by sharing this webpage. When creating new badges, you may want to add a line to the email footer to say ‘You can access your badges via the myHPass app. This can be accessed by installing the Open Badge Passport app on your phone, and then selecting myHPass once you have opened the app’