The HPass team was thrilled to present the HPass Learner of the Year awards at the inaugural HX event last Tuesday, February 20th, 2024. This ceremony wasn’t just a celebration of achievement; it was a testament to the resilience and dedication of humanitarians around the world.

The day was a constellation of inspiration, with stories that touched every corner of the globe. From Burkina Faso to Lebanon, from emergency response to grants management, the diverse experiences of our learners highlighted the transformative power of education. Also, an honourable mention to the 12 gold winners, 10 silver and 12 bronze during 2023.

As we unveiled the award, the screen came alive with the faces and voices of our gold winners. Melese Mengistu led the way. Melese Mengistu is Country Emergency Response Manager at the Norwegian Refugee Council. He began his career as a lecturer, but the increasing numbers of displaced people within the country inspired him to become a WASH engineer in 2018. From there his career progressed to leading complex emergency responses.

Camilia Safatli followed; Camilia Safatli, from Lebanon, also works for a local organisation, the Alawite Islamic Charity Association. She is an architect and juggles these two very different roles. She studied NGO project management during Covid-19, which enabled her to progress from volunteering at AICA to a grants manager role. She is passionate about the role of local organisations in delivering humanitarian support. Her favourite course was the FIELD programme.

Gemechis Bizuayehu took the stage next. Gemechis Bizuayehu, from Ethiopia, is a Senior WASH Adviser for our very own Save the Children. He reports that online learning opportunities have boosted his ‘confidence, capacity and commitment’. In his own words, his work inspires him because ‘his small contribution can change the lives of many people

Finally, Emmanuel Lompo shared his inspiring story. Emmanuel Lompo, from Burkina Faso, works for a local organisation called UNIJED Afrique. After he himself received support as a vulnerable young person, he has committed his own career to helping young people like him. He studied sociology, and reports that completion of the online Education in Emergencies pathway was instrumental in landing him his first role.

Each of these individuals, along with the other winners, have completed over 50 learning experiences, underscoring the incredible efforts they’ve made alongside their demanding roles.

Now, we invite you to watch the touching and inspiring stories of our winners in their own words. Their dedication to humanitarian work and their passion for continuous learning shines brightly in each of their messages:



As we continue to support our community of over 1.2 million learners across all platforms, this event stands as a reminder of why we do what we do. It is for these passionate individuals, these steadfast humanitarians, that HPass exists.

To all our learners, we extend our deepest congratulations. Your unwavering commitment to personal development and humanitarian service is what drives the HPass community forward.

Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for the full video of the awards presentation, and join us in celebrating the extraordinary achievements of our learners.


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