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HPass Quality Standards rolled out globally

In October, HPass received a number of applications from organisations across the globe to take up the offer of free access to HPass services. Applications received have been assessed and we are pleased to announce three organisations are joining the scheme.

The successful organisations benefitting from free access to the HPass Support Services are: the American University of Afghanistan, Violet Syria and Oxfam (Security Department).

The organisations are keen to be starting the programme. Alaa Albakour from Violet Syria stated, “For us, the HPass offer is an opportunity to enhance the quality of our learning and an opportunity for the youth we work with to improve their efficiency and increase the effectiveness of our projects. It will also allow Violet to become a role model in volunteer response in emergencies.”

The Support Services will be provided by RedR UK and Bioforce Institute.  A free Quality Review will also be provided for the successful organisations. Those organisations who pass the Quality Review process will gain HPass Certified status. HPass Certified status enables an organisation to demonstrate their commitment to quality learning and/or assessment provision.

By adopting the Quality Standards your organisation can also be at the forefront of the professionalisation of the humanitarian sector, and contribute to raising standards of learning and assessment globally. The Quality Standards are available to download for free from our website.

We still have space for one more organisation on this programme. It you are interested in getting involved contact us on